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Ren Nativadad

"I know that I can move forward. And so I do."

Ren Natividad was taking a turn as expeditor at Seattle Culinary Academy (SCA),

Seattle Culinary Academy

World Central Kitchen training. Too many cooks in the kitchen? Not this time…

Together, we can cook up a solid, stable future for Seattle Culinary Academy

This fall,

 Kären Jurgensen

Chef Kären Jurgensen speaks on the Terra Madre panel

Terra Madre is an international network of food communities – groups of small-scale producers and

Varin Keokitvon, especialista en jamón ibérico.

“Don’t call it spanish ham. Call it jamón ibérico”

Our chef’s participation in a Spain fusion event.

The Buzz

Put your money where your mouth is: Seattle Culinary Academy is back in business

Last year, we all heard the pots and pans around Capitol Hill in protest against the threat of Se

Slow Beans banner

Slow Beans Supper will be held at the Seattle Culinary Academy

Join us for a Slow Beans Supper to celebrate legumes, beans, and pulses.