Seattle Culinary Academy News and Events

Joy Gulmon-Huri

In Memoriam - Joy Gulmon-Huri

She had a reputation among students as the force who could overcome any obstacle.

Chef Sarah Wong appears on King 5's New Day NW

Summer BBQ Suggestions, Chef Sarah Wong

Take something unexpected, sustainable and delicious to your next summer BBQ.  Founder of the Sea

Picture of Mahogany Williams

Student Profile - Meet Mahogany Williams

An Interview With Mahogany Williams by Julie Moberly

picture of The Mushroom Hunters book

Nature, Food, and Humanity: An Afternoon with Langdon Cook

“There’s a mission in everything I do,” said author and forager Langdon Cook.

Culinary Arts Graduate Vanessa Ruedebusch

“Be All In” Advice From Culinary Arts Graduate Vanessa Ruedebusch

In the Field : A Conversation with Vanessa Ruedebusch

picture of Christine Gronseth

Binge-Watching Food Network Not The Same As Culinary School

With the first quarter under her belt, Christine Gronseth takes stock of her first 13 weeks at

picture of sweet delicacies from settle culinary

Week Nine: Indulgence

Ahh Fall, what a lovely time of year.

picture of sunset in seattle city

Week Six: Sunset In Sustainability

“Do you know what happened to Katie?” I heard from my classmate as I was halfway throug