Chef Kären Jurgensen speaks on the Terra Madre panel

Terra Madre is an international network of food communities – groups of small-scale producers and others united by the production of a particular food and closely linked to a geographic area. Now that the dust has settled a bit from Terra Madre, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your participation in this year's event. I had the pleasure of listening to all the panels and Food Talks at Arena Gino Strada, and it was an amazing experience to hear from so many worldwide experts on very important topics.

I wanted to share some statistics about the event, as well as some additional information from our Communications team:

More than 3,000 delegates who arrived from 130 countries, the 600 volunteers, the exhibitors, and the speakers who for five days brought to Turin a spirit of celebration, the enthusiasm for being present again four years after the last time, and the desire to change the food system, have returned home, regenerated by an event that for Turin and the whole of Italy and for the global Slow Food network is history and strengthened in the conviction that the world can be saved at the table, with taste.

The 14th edition of Terra Madre, organized by us, the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region, was a success with the public. In five days, the event recorded more than 350,000 visitor passes: Terra Madre focused on the importance of soil, sustainable livestock farming, stable meadows, and networks of conscious producers, Food means solidarity integration and social justice, work, rights, and of course also health: if, on the one hand, food is at the origin of the onset of certain diseases, on the other hand, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the first form of guarantee for a long and healthy life.

On behalf of Slow Food, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the success of Terra Madre and for sharing your work and experiences.

Daniel Cruse

 Kären Jurgensen