“Day Of Spain” At Seattle Culinary Academy

The fall quarter culminates in an experiential day of tasting and learning about the products and foods of Spain. Both Culinary Arts and Specialty Desserts and Breads students will be participating in scheduled seminars and tasting activities into the early afternoon.

The day celebrates the return of three SCA graduates Varin Keokitovan, Geneva Melby and Miriam Sophia Much. Each will be performing demos of Spanish Tapas in Square One Bistro and One World Restaurant. While enrolled at SCA, all three took the opportunity to engage more deeply on the topic of tapas and created entries for the International Tapas competition held in Valladolid, Spain. Geneva took second place in the world and Miriam, pictured far right below, was a finalist for the 7th edition of the Spanish Gastronomy Training Program and traveled to Spain for the culminating event. All three were sponsored by ICEX, a trade and investment organization in Spain that fosters cross cultural learning, to participate in internship stages in Spain.

Students will also be learning about Spanish Jamón from an actual Cortador including the various types of jamón and proper techniques for slicing. The complete schedule of events includes a wine tasting, olive oil tasting as well as a Spanish Products Fair.  Click on the link below to view the complete schedule.