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Linnet Blumenthal

Linnet has been working in the restaurant/food service industry since she was a teenager—starting at a family diner where she defied uniform standards by not wearing nylons underneath her knee length shorts. Early on the she recognized that service is not just about the quality of the food (though that is a very important element) but that creating an environment where guests feel both welcomed and valued is essential to a positive experience. Seattle is a city rich in talented chefs and cooks; excellent service can be what sets one restaurant apart from another.

In teaching the front of house courses to future culinarians, Linnet hopes to impress upon her students the value of a sincere desire to add grace and genuineness to the dining experience. Doing so also provides her students with an understanding of the vital link between the front of house (dining area) and the back of house (kitchen) and their relationship to the success of food service businesses. Having a foundational knowledge of the “whole picture” sets students up for success in whatever aspect of the industry they aspire to.