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Drew Flanders

Drew grew up surrounded by family farms in the heart of Oregon wine country. He started cooking and catering in his uncle's restaurant in high school and never looked back. He worked in various kitchens and a wine shop while attending the University of Oregon. After college he moved to New Orleans where he worked jobs in restaurants while volunteering full-time following Hurricane Katrina. In Seattle he attended culinary school at SCA and spent many years as at FareStart where he taught, coached, developed curriculum, and, most importantly, witnessed the positive impact that food and cooking can make in people's lives. He studied with traditional butchers and charcutiers in France and Italy and helped develop recipes and launch a successful farmstead charcuterie business in Guernsey. Drew loves to teach and share his passion for cooking, community building through food, nose-to-tail butchery, artisan charcuterie, sustainability, and fermentation & preservation.