Farm-to-Table Training

Award-Winning Training in Sustainability

At Seattle Central College's Seattle Culinary Academy you will learn from the ground up! As one of the first culinary programs in the nation to offer coursework on sustainable food systems, we are a recipient of the prestigious Green Award from the Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education.

You will explore how sustainability principles and practices are redefining the way chefs interact with the environment. In addition, you will learn about the politics of food systems and gain awareness of issues related to agriculture, fisheries, the dairy industry, meat and poultry production, water and waste, as well as trade, health and social justice.

Our partnerships with the Harts at La Conner Flats and the Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland (SPF) will enable you to learn about sustainable farming techniques, including tending land, planting and harvesting. Each year, our students have the opportunity to win a scholarship to attend Quillisascut Farm School, where they discover first-hand how food begins the journey from seed to table.

Learning from the Ground Up

You will discover the joys of urban farming in the Plant Science Laboratory (greenhouse) at Seattle Central College through classes in edible gardening. Through our partnership Seed Saver Exchange – a nationally recognized group committed to collecting, conserving, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants – you will discover how seeds grow and mature.

You will learn about herb identification and learn how herbs enhance recipes you will prepare in the Seattle Culinary Academy's student-run restaurants and pastry case. We also work to recycle non-protein scraps in our worm bins to produce compost for our plants to survive and thrive.

As a farmer, vendor and partner, we value their effort to train future chefs on how to create healthy, delicious meals with sustainably farmed, locally grown products. This in turn strengthens sustainable agriculture in Washington and the Good Food movement as a whole.

Jennifer Argraves, Farmer & Vendor, Crown S Ranch

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