picture of regis bernard

Regis Bernard


A native of France, Pastry Chef Bernard’s career began at age 14 when he began a three-year apprenticeship in a well-known Parisian pastry shop. He earned his first diploma at age 17, then worked in Europe (Belgium and Switzerland) for 4 years. After returning to France, Regis earned his Pastry Master degree at age 22. In 1983, he came to the United States and began an eight year career for the Four Seasons Hotels. During these years, he was fortunate to work with some of our country’s best chefs, including Lee Bailey, Jacques Pepin and Burt Wolf.

Regis has won awards in culinary competitions around the country, including the Houston Culinary Show and the Escoffier award; his specialties are chocolate, showpieces and contemporary plated desserts. Chef Bernard teaches courses for the Specialty Desserts & Breads program.