Specialty Desserts & Breads - What You'll Learn

While training at Seattle Central College's Seattle Culinary Academy, you will learn to create artisan hearth and specialty breads using whole grains, as well as classic desserts, pastries, patisserie and confections through extensive hands-on classes. You will also explore a variety of preservation and fermentation techniques.

During the final quarter, you will showcase your knowledge and craftsmanship as part of the Chef of the Day project where you will design, develop and prepare a beautiful and exquisite range of pastry, desserts and cheeses to present to chef instructors and guests.

Learn more about course planning for the Specialty Desserts and Breads degree and certificate programs.

Graduates successfully completing the Specialty Desserts and Breads degree or certificate will:

  1. Apply calculations to analyze interpret and formulate data.
  2. Demonstrate professionalism in working with public and co-workers.
  3. Identify, select and apply appropriate information to analyze and resolve problems.
  4. Identify, articulate, and/or apply environmentally sound practices.
  5. Apply scientific knowledge and articulate its relationship to baking.
  6. Identify, articulate, and/or apply principles of baking preparation, equipment, methods and products.
  7. Follow appropriate sanitation and safety laws and procedures.
  8. Seek opportunities for continual learning in pursuit of mastery in the field.
  9. Synthesize and apply knowledge of multiple disciplines into culinary practices