Culinary Arts - What You'll Learn

The Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central College provides exceptional culinary training in classical and modern techniques that cover a wide range of cooking styles from international cuisine to northwest cooking from experienced instructors.

During the program, you will demonstrate your knowledge and skills through projects including a nutrition project, a banquet/tasting menu, a black box challenge, a modern cuisine project and the grand finale Chef of the Day.

For the Chef of the Day presentation, students plan the menu, develop and cost all recipes, order product and finally prepare their meal. It is a great demonstration of the students' mastery of the skills and knowledge attained over the previous quarters.

Learn more about course planning for the Culinary Arts degree and certificate programs.

Graduates successfully completing the Culinary Arts degree or certificate will:

  1. Anticipate and manage labor and food costs to operate an economically sustainable establishment.
  2. Apply the principles and practices of sustainability to respect heritage, the process and the health of the planet for future generations.
  3. Apply culinary skills and techniques to create great food.
  4. Manage processes and procedures to function effectively in a working food production environment.
  5. Use professional conduct appropriate to the profession.
  6. Seek opportunities for continual learning in pursuit of mastery in the culinary field.
  7. Synthesize and apply knowledge of multiple disciplines into culinary practices.