Specialty Desserts & Breads - Course Planning

While enrolled in the Specialty Desserts and Breads degree or certificate, you will learn about rustic breads, tarts, mousses, truffle, petit fours, tortes, chocolate work, cheese production and fermentation. The program also includes demonstrations on topics such as pulled sugar, intricate decoration, showpieces and plated desserts.

You will gain hands-on experience in food preparation and customer service in our student-run restaurants and pastry case as well as learn about sustainable food practices to provide you with the skills needed in today’s food service industry.

Course Planning

Questions about course planning? Students enrolled in the Specialty Desserts and Breads program can contact your counselor, Lori Ann Miller (LoriAnn.Miller@seattlecolleges.edu) or the Seattle Culinary Academy staff.

Prerequisite: ENG (or ENG 101) and MAT 110 (or college level math)

Once the prerequisites have been met, students can earn a 6-quarter certificate or 7-quarter Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

First Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
BAK 101 Introduction to Desserts & Breads: Theory 4
BAK 111 Introduction to Desserts & Breads: Practicum 6
CUL 106 Introduction to Culinary Arts 1.5
CUL 151 Customer Service Practicum I 1
HOS 101 Customer Service, Practicum I 1
HOS 110 Principles of Sanitation 3
HOS 112 Spreadsheets for Hospitality 1
Subtotal First Quarter 17.5
Second Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
BAK 102 Bread and Food Preservation 3
BAK 112 Beginning Desserts & Breads: Practicum 8
BAK 117 Introduction to Cheese Making 1
CUL 116 Introduction to Culinary Arts: Practicum 1
HOS 102 Customer Service, Practicum II 1
HOS 122 Purchasing & Inventory 3
HOS 123 Food Costing Principles and Application 1
Subtotal Second Quarter 16
Third Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
BAK 103 Advanced Theory 4
BAK 113 Intermediate Desserts & Breads: Practicum 8
CUL 152 Sustainable Food Systems Practices, Part II 1
BIOL 103 Nutrition for Foodservice 3
HOS 105 Customer Service for Specialty Desserts & Breads 1
Subtotal Third Quarter 17
Fourth Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
BAK 123 Advanced Desserts & Breads: Theory 2
BAK 124 Advanced Buffet Desserts & Wedding Cakes: Practicum 8
PSYC 240 Psychology of Human Relations 3
Subtotal Fourth Quarter 13
Fifth Quarter
Prefix Course Credits
BAK 125 Advanced Desserts & Breads: Theory 8
BAK 126 Advanced Buffet Desserts & Wedding Cakes: Practicum 3
CUL 120 Psychology of Human Relations 1
CUL 153 Sustainable Food Systems Practices, Part III 1
HOS 201 Functions of Management 2
Subtotal Fifth Quarter 15


Total Program Credits: 78.5

Associate of Applied Science Degree

General Education Electives: Any humanities, social sciences, natural science of CSC class: 4 credits

Allied Support Electives: Any CSC, BUS, MIC or college transfer class, or CUL 299: 12 credits

Total Program Credits: 94.5

Class Schedule

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